Farm Your Yard

We can work with any space that is available to you, to create the garden of your dreams!  Be it in your yard or on your balcony, we love diversity and consistently incorporate permaculture principles into any design space.

If you want to have a garden installation of your own, or are just curious about how this landscaping service works, email us to set up a consultation. 

If you have your own garden and are looking for perennials or annuals, take a look at our online shop!! (Local pick up only!!!)


Frequently asked questions

How much does a garden installation cost?

This varies from location to location, and depending on what you already have in place. Generally, the costs include materials (think wood for raised garden beds, stones for paths, soil, fertilizers), labor, and which ever plants you would like to incorporate. Irrigation is budgeted seperately. We also offer a mainetenance service, whose cost is also dependant on the size of your project. Email us to tell us more about your project, so we can set a price together. If you are ready to commit, go to our Shop and choose "Garden Installation" to get the process going.

I only have a balcony- can I even have a garden?

Yes! You can make your raised balcony bed as productive as you'd like! Even if you dont get sun all day, you can probably still grow some things out there. Good crops to grow in raised beds include: lettuce, kale, herbs, flowers, peppers, bush beans, squash, tomatoes, etc. Depending on the depth of your raised bed, you can even include some root crops like carrots and sweet potatoes (for those hot summer months, when you dont want to be outside).

I cant commit to watering every day - can I even have a garden?

Also yes! Depending on your watering system, we can probably set up some automatic irrigation to go off as often as necessary :) You can just go out there to harvest! (But also, check it out every once in a while! Part of the fun of growing your own food is seeing how the plants progress.)