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Semillas started as an urban farm cooperative in 2019, with 6 founding members: Gabi from Buenezas, Juan and Patty from Go Green Now Gardens, Mike from Jaja Finca, Sam from Farm the Yard FL, and Diana from Magic City Gardens.

Diana now maintains the farm, and shares the space with Amigos de la Huerta.


Diana is a Miami-native, who after getting a Masters in Sustainable Development, decided that the most sustainable thing to do was to grow food for and with her local community. Diana founded her farming/gardening business (previously known as Magic City Gardens) in 2018, shortly after completing the Small Farm Incubator Program with Little River Cooperative.

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Video shot, produced, and edited by Andrea Arevalo

Logo created and animated by Ivan Miguel.

Music created and produced by Phantasman.

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